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    Conduct exams with ease.

    MegaExams helps organisations create examinations, measure performance, generate reports and improve learning outcomes. It's simple, fast and works for digital and paper exams.

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    A new way to test

    Leading educational institutions use MegaExams to accept registrations, generate question papers, conduct examinations, evaluate answers, publish results and steps to improve scores.



    Select exam topics and create papers in three clicks.



    Instantly identify patterns in performance and steps to rectify them.



    All results are instantly shared securely with relevant stakeholders.



    Alert common mistakes and speed up the learning curve using analytics.

    We're delighted to have supported 50,000+ students take examinations

    Built to bring the best out of your students

    Intelligent Exam Setup

    Use our content or upload your own content to create examinations in a couple of clicks.

    Track and Analyse

    Our insights tool will help you monitor your students, so you can take corrective action before it's too late.

    Identify Patterns

    Organize your students to bring meaningful and comparative insights right from your dashboard.

    This is what our customers say

    "MegaExams is the most efficient and simple way to embrace the future of medical education - Digital Exams. In addition to conventional MCQ based exams, we have also given our students image based exams as well as fill in the blanks type of exams. To our pleasant surprise, there was never any technical problems in the conduct of any of these exam patterns. For sure, MegaExams saved a lot of our time required to manually evaluate the answer sheets and bring out the results."

    Rahul Rajeev DAMS Rahul Rajeev, Academic DirectorDAMS, Calicut

    "MegaExams has helped us make our exams more effective. Every student could get personalised analysis of their performance and get personalised tests for areas they were weak in. The greatest asset with MegaExams is that they are always positive with feedback and quick to implement it."

    Muni Darsan, Fortune IAS Academy Muni Darsan, Executive DirectorFortune IAS Academy

    "We can now conduct 30, 40 or 50 exams in one month, thanks to MegaExams. Every student's report and analysis is stored on the platform and can be accessed from any location. This completely removes all manual work. Conducting exams is no longer a stress giver for us."

    Jayaram, Bodhi Institute Jayaram, Academic HeadBodhi Institute
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